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Advance party ticket program

New Program! Early party passes for SM

 Once the CV19 pandemic is all over and we get back to LIFE AND FUN, we will be offering a few SM Priority Reservation Tickets per month.  We heard you guys and we know single male spots always go real fasssssst. so this allows you to be FIRST on the list.  Having a special voucher ticket means you're FIRST on the party list for the party you purchased the ticket for :D  Wendi will be handling that for us, if you have any questions email her @ saoparty@aol.com and be sure to reference this notice! :) (Note: The ticket is only good for the specific party you purchased the ticket for, so make sure you can attend before buying up the ticket. (Non-transferable, no switching, & no refunds)  This special ticket has to be obtained ahead of time via wendi for the party you want to reserve for! )